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we strive to deliver quality in all our work and seek to better ourselves in all we do.We strive to do the right thing in everything we doDiversity leads to creativity, innovation and faster problem solving and we integrate this through our daily business activities.We pride ourselves on giving back to our local community and choosing local suppliers

About us

Our business

PPEXtra is a brand that is primarily focused on British manufactured Personal Protective Equipment for the public sector. Our main focus is to provide PPE that is easily accessible and affordable. We were first established in May 2020 after a surge in demand and a need to supply PPE equipment both in England and globally and are part of family owned group, SMTXtra, based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Our values are based on our experience within the technical engineering industry. We were first established in 2007 and have since integrated our ethical policies and values with our high quality products and services. This in turn has created a high volume of sales which has allowed us to expand our global consumer base.

Our vision, mission and values

Vision - Our vision is to be large- scale manufacturer of High quality PPE equipment supplying retailers and Medical organizations globally.

Mission - Our mission is to contribute to safer world by providing medical grade devices to our customers whilst creating opportunities for our employees and generating sustainable value.

Values - What is important to us 
Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated

Certifications - ISO/EN/CE marking soon to be accredited

Corporate Social Responsibility

The PPEXtra brand was created on a solid foundation of belonging to a local community and helping each other within the SMTXtra company. Our team is diverse and consists of 8 different nationalities. Our departments work together, and we support our day to day progress collectively. ‘’We are only as strong as the weakest among us.’’

Protecting the environment - As a company, we recognise the importance of cutting down our carbon footprint and the effect it has on the earth. We built solar panels for our main office in England and share this philosophy of green energy with all our other offices around the globe. Part of our business is focused on recycling machines and waste collection. We are a young team and as individuals we take part in making decisions towards creating a greener planet and tackling climate change.

Ethical Trading - We carry out extensive research before contacting new suppliers. We build these new relationships primarily on trust and integrity. Their success and ethical pillars are just as important as ours and we monitor our supply chain and develop it towards safer solutions. 

Empowering Women and Men - Women’s empowerment is an important part of managing a sustainable and successful busines. We as a company have established a high-level corporate leadership for gender equality. It is one of the most important values within our company. We ensure all our workers have proper working conditions as their wellbeing, health and safety is a priority to us.

Volunteering and charity work - Our company supports individuals that want to volunteer at events that are organised both internally and externally.

We support our local community immensely through a variety of sport events, charity work, church donations, blood donations, etc.

We have a strong feeling of belonging to local community, as we aim to help those in need whether this be inside or outside of our company. We donate to educational programs for children in order to build a better future.

Research and Development - We realise R&D is an ongoing process. We have invested in learning and implementing modern technology and strategies within our company - mainly in the PPE equipment and medical sector. Each year we create ambitious goals to progress throughout each aspect of our company.

PPE Xtra Team at our Doncaster base in South Yorkshire

disposable 3-ply face coverings made in the UK

disposable 3-ply face coverings made in the UK